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by The New York Times
Modern Love

The Upside of Our Parents' Divorce


What’s the secret to sibling success? Apparently, an ugly divorce. At least, that’s how it went down for Ellen Umansky and her two brothers. Ellen’s parents separated when she was 9. “They loved us deeply, but there were battles to be won — emotional, reputational, financial,” Ellen wrote in her Modern Love essay.

Ellen and her brothers were flung into a new reality of parental feuds and convoluted calendar arrangements. Amid this, her brothers become her family within the family — her “one constant and comfort.”

Today’s episode is about “Team Umansky,” as Ellen’s husband calls them, a unit that has stuck together from adolescence through adulthood.

Featured stories:

  • "The Secret to Sibling Success," by Ellen Umansky
  • "Trusting the Edge" by Kim Addonizio


Episode 267

by The New York Times