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by Laura Fuentes
MOMables Podcast

How to Get Picky Eaters to Try New Foods S5E2


In today’s episode, we discuss simple strategies that can help change the way you approach mealtimes with your picky eaters. Each one of these strategies have made huge, positive changes at our house and helped my kids become more open to trying new foods. And I know, that these ideas can help your family too.

This 5th season of the MOMables Podcast is all about helping our picky eaters try new foods and establishing happier mealtimes.

Topics discussed this episode:

• Where to start when you recognize picky eating in your child. • How snacks can play a huge role in your child’s pickiness at mealtimes. • The “one bite” rule that can sabotage success. • Modeling good eating habits.

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Episode 2

Season 5

by Laura Fuentes