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by Laura Fuentes
MOMables Podcast

Raising Healthy Eaters with Dr. Orlena Kerek S4E3


In today's episode, we talk about how to raise healthy eaters. Plus, we'll share some tips about how you can get a picky eater to try new things.

Dr. Orleana Kerek is a pediatric doctor from the UK. She has four kids ages 7, 5, and two 3 year old twins.

When she was working as a doctor in the UK (before I had kids of her own) she would see so many kids who ate a poor diet.

While she offered her most “expert” advice, still she realized that implementing the changes in our lifestyle are not as simple as she once thought they’d be, especially after having kids herself.

Orlena would make healthy meals and lots of vegetables and she would see uneaten plates –just like her patients experienced!

This led to her research on how to actually get kids to eat vegetables and has written a book on this very subject and developed a whole course on raising healthy eaters.

On her website, Snotty-Noses.com, she offers expert advice, books, and her course on healthy eating.

Connect with Dr. Orlena Kerek on her website.

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by Laura Fuentes