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Episode 31: Zerlina Maxwell, Richard Helppie & James Shapiro


In this episode, Anthony talks with Zerlina Maxwell, host of ‘Zerlina’ on Peacock TV and author of ‘The End of White Politics’ to get her take on Lindsey Graham’s recent threat to use the talking filibuster rule to block voting rights legislation - and why 2020 was a “political awakening” for America.

President Biden has vowed to take “common-sense steps” to crack down on firearms, Anthony examines the possible policy solutions to gun control with Richard Helppie, entrepreneur, policy expert and founder of ‘The Common Bridge’, an organisation that aims to ignore extremism and encourage smart discussions.

Finally, what does Shakespeare have to do with a divided America? Anthony is joined by world renowned Shakespearean scholar James Shapiro to discuss his bestselling book ‘Shakespeare in a Divided America’, and why President Lincoln would not have been assassinated had it not been for Shakespeare.

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