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by Paul Connor
More of a Comment Than a Question

Inz 'n Outs of Academia with Mickey Inzlicht


This week, we chat with fellow podcaster and social psychologist Mickey Inzlicht, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, and co-host of Two Psychologists Four Beer (with Yoel Inbar). We talk about the advisor-graduate student dynamic, the past and future of social psychology, the replication crisis, and discuss some of the recent Psych Academic Twitter controversies.

Two Psychologists Four Beers: https://www.fourbeers.com/

Lee's tweet: https://twitter.com/PsychRabble/status/1360973699822796802

Turns out Hoegaarden is Belgian: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoegaarden_Brewery


Episode 5

Season 2

by Paul Connor