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MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories

Episode 46 -- "Ghost Story" (PODCAST EXCLUSIVE EPISODE)


In mid July 1977, a 38 year old woman was sitting in her living room talking to her husband, when suddenly, mid-sentence, she stood up, and said very robotically, that she was going to go lie down for a while. Then she turned and walked away into a nearby bedroom. Sensing something was off with his wife, the husband followed her… What he would see, and hear, in that bedroom over the next 30 minutes, would not only scar him for life, but would also become some of the most infamous evidence ever used by police in a real murder investigation.

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Main Sources:


Ebony magazine June 1978: Accused of murder by a voice from the grave, by reporters John O’Brien and Edward Baumann who covered the story and later wrote full length book titled Teresita, the Voice from the Grave: The Incredible But True Story of how an Occult Vision Solved the Murder of Teresita Basa


Internet Archive:

Haunted detective

Chicago's haunt detective : a cop's guide to supernatural Chicago

by Johnson, Raymond, 1966-

Publication date 2011

Topics Haunted places, Ghosts, Ghosts, Haunted places

Publisher Atglen, PA : Schiffer Pub. Ltd.


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Medium https://medium.com/@jennbaxter_69070/did-teresita-basa-solve-her-own-murder-bba7259e022

Chicago police department annual report 1977 (crime statistics)


Jose Chua obituary


Lots of color about the trances (ONLY for color–not facts)


Dumaguete: City of Gentle People


St Scholastica College (Manila, Philippines)


Archival Newspaper Articles:

Chicago Tribune (Chicago Illinois) 

March 5, 1978, page 1

Did voice from the grave name killer?

John O’Brien and Edward Baumann

The Dispatch (Moline, Illinois) · Mon, Mar 6, 1978 · Page 1

Police fail to explain return from grave

Chicago Tribune Service

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) · 

Wed, Sep 6, 1978 · Page 10

Voice from the grave accusation repeated

John O’Brien

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) · 

Thu, Jan 11, 1979 · Page 29

$30 robbery called motive in voice from the grave slaying

John O’Brien

Altoona Mirror, August 31, 1978,Pg. 25, 

Altoona, Pennsylvania, US

Dead woman’s voice led investigator to killer

UPI press service

The Pantagraph

Sept. 7, 1978

Chicagoan faces trial

AP news service

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) · 

Thu, Jan 18, 1979 · Page 3

Her spirit spoke through my lips

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Voice from grave case a mistrial

John O’Brien

Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago, 

February 23, 1979,Pg. 4, Arlington Heights, Illinois, US

Surprise guilty plea in murder

Arlington Heights Daily Herald Suburban Chicago, 

May 31, 1992,Pg. 310, Arlington Heights, Illinois, US

Unbelievable? Yes! But how else to explain voice from the grave?

Tom Irvine

**For anyone who wants to know more from the Chicago Tribune reporters who covered the Teresita Basa case. We were not able to get our hands on a copy of this book in time to read it before producing the script, but we were able to find excerpts and we used the newspaper articles written by John O’Brien and Edward Baumann

**Their book:

Teresita, the Voice from the Grave

The Incredible But True Story of how an Occult Vision Solved the Murder of Teresita Basa

By John J. O'Brien, Edward Baumann · 1992

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