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by Danielle Rodgers
Mummy Republic Podcast

Can we normalise that no birth is normal? (With Special guest Dayna Jangles)


Birth...it can be beautiful for some and traumatic for others but in either case and in any case, it's always a hot topic of conversation. Regardless of whether you choose to do it "naturally" in the woods or elect to have a C-Section, the truth is there is no right or wrong. I'm joined today by Dayna, midwife and mother of 4 children (soon to be five) to talk all about just how unique each experience is; not only for different mothers but also for the same mother with different children.

So in 2021 can we please normalise that no birth is "normal"? xx

If you're on the gram you can follow along @mummyrepublic and our host @danniirodgers. Special thank you to today's guest @daynajangles - you can also find Dayna's new business tailored to mummas at @daiisy.est.2020 and her upcoming podcast focused on birth experiences @theoxytocinhour xx

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Episode 5

by Danielle Rodgers