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by Danielle Rodgers
Mummy Republic Podcast

Excuse me, where the hell is my village? (With special guest Natty Faulks)


When it comes to motherhood they say it takes a village; some are lucky enough to have one, some are able to turn friends into family and others are left wondering...where the hell is my village?

in 2021 we're expected to do and to be it all but it can be made a lot more difficult when you're expected to do it on your own. So let's have a chat about how to find and create your own village, whilst trying not to lose yourself in the process xx

If you're on the gram you can follow along @mummyrepublic and our host @danniirodgers. Special thank you to today's guest @nattyfaulks - you can also listen to another episode with Natty in Season 2 xx

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Episode 4

by Danielle Rodgers