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by Danielle Rodgers
Mummy Republic Podcast

Sex/Life on Netflix; We need to Debrief


If you watch Netflix or use social media, it's highly likely that you've heard of the new show Sex/Life. It's sparked a great deal of attention thanks to it's raunchy sex scenes, large *cough* assets and hot cast. But it's also become quite the topic between mums, not only due to all of the above but more so because of the underlying themes and the ups and downs experienced by the main character Billie.

Why? Because on some level, a lot of us can relate to that journey of matrescence and trying to find the balance between who you are now as a mum vs who you used to be...even if it's not quite as dramatic as hers.

In either case there is a LOT to unpack here and a lot of questions unanswered after the final episode of season one. So instead of chatting at the park whilst our toddlers play, i dragged in my girlfriend Layne (mama to twin boys) to have a debrief on all of it!!

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Episode 3

by Danielle Rodgers