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Murder in the North


Murder in the North
Murder in the North
This is the story of Bobby, a 10-year old disabled boy, who was vulnerable and lived an isolated life, hidden away on a farm with his mother and her boyfriend in a remote rural part of Sweden. Nobody knew what was going on behind closed doors, until it was too late. This shocking story became a landmark case in Sweden, instigating legal reform and changes to child protection protocols.

New episode every Tuesday. From Podimo, Murder in the North has been the #1 true crime podcast across Europe, and is now available in English told by Jenna Sharpe.

Host: Jenna Sharpe
Text and research: Anne Niluka Iversen
Music: Frej Levin
Translator: Laura Vroomen
Produced for Podimo by Dag en Nacht Media
Murder in the North
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