Music School

Music School 005 - The Reina Brothers


Back from Pablo Escobar’s grave, this one was chosen especially for the people. A comeback of comebacks, like if Blink 182 decided to go on tour in 2018. They’re long time friends, it’s my little enchiladas, Carlos and Sebastian… It’s the Reina Brothers. Compiled of two young men with minds like a Roland TR-8, they held a special place in our hearts a few years back and still do today. Influencing each other’s musical taste on one another, combined they are a gift to our ears. Usually this is where I continue say all these nice things about the artists, their accomplishments, all that blah blah. But after listening to this 2 hour glowing heat missile mixed with a hot bubble bath of a set, this post has one true meaning and I’ll get straight to it: The people want the Reina Brothers back. We’re waiting. End of story.



by Watty