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The New Moscow: The birth and death of a Russian colony in Africa


My African cliché of the day is that of certain Ethiopian friends, who do not hesitate to brag to other Africans, that they have never been colonized. This is obviously not true, since Mussolini's Italy well settled in Ethiopia from 1936 to 1941, avenging in the humiliating defeat40 years earlier. Of course, it was a very short colonization period compared to other African countries but it’s not the right account of history.

Anyway, I wonder, if these Ethiopians would be less proud, if they knew that this whole bragging, they owe it …… .. to a sheep, and a cow, these blessed ones without whom, they would be bragging in Russian cause that would be their official language, the same way their national dishes, served on Ethiopian Airlines flights, perhaps would be the grechka, the pirozhki, the borscht soup (made from beetroot); and, of course, the pelmeni, those Russian meat dumplings,


Episode 15

Season 3

by My African Clichés Podcast