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by a podcast from Stand 4 Recovery

MY STORY - Linda's only three sons are addicted to Opioids


“My Story” is a video series that dives into the personal stories of people who have struggled with opioid addiction.

Linda has three sons, all of which struggle with addiction. The disease caught all three boys at an early age starting with alcohol and eventually leading to opioids. Linda tells her story of how a family survives through faith and a choice not to give up on or give in to her sons. From failed rehabs to what-if scenarios that are heartbreaking, it’s an emotional story not often heard from this perspective so I encourage you to sit back and listen in for the full story.

This video series is supported by Stand 4 Recovery, a nonprofit that helps find and pay for recovery treatment of individuals who are left without any options from their insurance providers or government programs.

To help Stand 4 Recovery pay and support individuals in need, like Steven, please call 1-800-874-0134 or go to Stand4Recovery.org and click donate. There’s no minimum and every bit helps.



by a podcast from Stand 4 Recovery