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by Mike Gutterman
Negative Positives Film Photography Podcast

Negative Positives Podcast #320


A Round Table episode with Sam Warner (IG unrecoveringphotographyaddict, www.theunrecoveringphotographyaddict.com) and Mike Padua (IG themikepadua, Twitter @mikepadua, www.shootfilmco.com)!  Topics include the mindset of shooting cheap cameras vs. more expensive cameras, choices for our final output goals with photography, how Instagram photos die a quick death and better ways to share our photography in a more impactful way, how Covid has changed our photography plans and goals.  Next, Mike Padua talks about how one of his favorite photographers, Khalik Allah, just received the honor of becoming a Magnum Agency Nominee and we discuss how we support our influences, also making zines and scanner resolution.  Finally, who has influenced us in photography lately and how those influences effect our personal photography.


Episode 320

by Mike Gutterman