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by Michelle Ngome | Connection Strategist, Speaker and Author
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202. Perspective of Black Lives 2020


During these troublesome times for the black community, I decided to bring back Perspective of Black Lives (PoBL) for ten episodes. PoBL is centered around stories of black people sharing their personal stories and perspectives on current events. We will be discussing current events, COVID-19, racial trauma, African diaspora, economic development, trans lives, and a lot more. Listen up, tell a friend, and provide feedback.

In this episode I rant on my feelings towards:

  • The relevancy of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. speeches from 60 years ago.
  • Police brutality/shootings towards black men and women.
  • Creating practical black businesses to create a thriving community.
  • Shifting our mindset to buy black.
  • The emotional week I had at work.

Recent Names of Black Lives Lost:



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by Michelle Ngome | Connection Strategist, Speaker and Author