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by Michelle Ngome | Connection Strategist, Speaker and Author
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Protect Black Women with Valerie Wade


In this episode of Protect Black Women, we have a conversation with Valerie Wade. She is the owner of Lynnfield Historical Consulting, where she uses her expertise as a public historian and certified archivist to assist educators, creatives, and everyday people with history-related projects. She earned her B.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, where she was a John B. Ervin Scholar and a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Research Fellow. She went on to study United States History at the graduate level at Duke University, where she earned her MA. Valerie is passionate about helping people connect with their historical legacies. For more information about Valerie's work, visit www.lynnfieldhistorical.com.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Define and discuss intersectionality and how it affects Black women today.
  • Why are Black women ignored in history?
  • Do we lack outrage when it comes to Black women dying to police brutality and other acts of violence?


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by Michelle Ngome | Connection Strategist, Speaker and Author