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What’s a Real Estate Use Case for Web3 Founders? w/ Citadao Founder Joel Lin


Joel Lin is founding member of Citadao, a decentralized real estate platform creating an ecosystem of new DeFi primitives. In this episode he talks with Sasha about:

• What he learned working in real estate

• How he first encountered crypto

• The user problems that lead him to focus on Citadao

• The metrics he's looking at to grow

• Putting new assets on-chain

Episode links:

Citadao: https://citadao.io

Citadao Discord: https://discord.gg/JjmDe2QdbJ

[BLOG POST] How Citadao Works: A User’s Perspective: https://citadao.medium.com/how-citadao-works-a-users-perspective-a20458cdda0d


Episode 56

by Human Guild