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Panmure Stories: Les Allen - Plant Nursery


Kia ora listeners you have tuned into Auckland Libraries Heritage Podcast - Panmure Stories!

In this track Les Allen describes delivering plants to shops in the city in the Allen Nurseries’ Model T truck. Les Allen was involved in the family business 'Allens Nurseries' in Panmure his whole working life. He recalls his father starting Allen’s Nurseries in the early twentieth century and how the family kept it going through the depression, as well as what the landscape was like in the area at that time.

Reference Les Allen interview, 1982

Original interviews were recorded by Richard Baker, commissioned by Mt Wellington Public Library in 1982. The project captured recollections of life, work and play from the early 1900s across the changing landscapes of the decades that followed. They offer us a unique and personal insight into Panmure of the past.

Image: Showing (from left to right) James and Herbert Allen and Ray Pennell standing next to glass houses at Allen's Nurseries in Panmure
Auckland Libraries Heritage Collections 1031-P084,

Curated by Renee Orr and Zoe Colling from Auckland Libraries Heritage Engagement team, with Sound production by Sue Berman (April 2021)



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