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Night Call

117: Starship Loopers


The girls are joined by writer Ezekiel Kweku for the top half this week. A Ghislaine news roundup and some television show fueled speculation about why Ms. Maxwell was staying in New Hampshire. Then it’s Randonautica, the creepy geocaching app taking Tik Tok by storm. Would any of us be game to follow a set of random directions to potentially enchanting surprise locations? Or does that sound like the worst idea ever? Then it’s a deep dive on the American flag with noted flag expert Ezekiel. Can the flag be reclaimed for good or is it out of bounds forever? For the second half of the show, Super Producer Joelle Monique joins us as we talk about Paul Verhoeven’s satirical adaptation of Robert Heinlen’s Starship Troopers. Is an obvious critique, like Verhoeven’s critique of fascism in Starship Troopers, always implicit in images or will it always go over some people’s heads? Does good intent matter if your image goes viral out of context as a GIF? Fascism, flags, and flaming bugs on an all new Nighy Call!


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Flag Tumblr

Jasper Johns flag

Sarah Rahbar flag

Stanley Forman flag

Ezekiel on the history of flags in Black protest art (for MTV News)

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Starship Troopers trivia

Verhoeven interview in Empire

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Episode 117

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