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Night Call

119: The NBA Dark Academia Web


A night call from a teacher about the back to school catch 22 facing all teachers and students right now. Tess blows the lid off the secret pandemic pod tutoring circuit. Then it’s the rebooted Unsolved Mysteries and the Howie Mandel Tik Tok teen conspiracy! Is Howie okay? Has Howie ever been okay? A night email about the club at the top of the Baltimore hotel featured in the new Unsolved Mysteries, and the Berkshires UFO sighting of 1969. For the second half we are joined by Jay Kang from the Time To Say Goodbye podcast to go deep on the NBA Bubble in our special sports segment Night Ball/Sports Call! Jay explains the NBA Bubble and we discuss why it’s such a bad idea from a labor angle and whether they’ll make it through the season. And we answer an Orlando-centric theme park question about the Aerosmith Rock N Roller Coaster at Disneyworld. We also take some questions for Jay related to his infamous Diva Rankings, and revisit them to see if he’s changed his mind about some of his more controversial positions on divas. (Emily will be back next week after completing leg one of her cross country road trip to see her mom.) All this and sports gambling on an all new Night Call!

Wealthy parents forming pods with private tutors 

More on how tutors and pods can contribute to education inequality

Howie Mandel's Tiktok 

Baldiyadi, the Tiktok user who brought attention to Mandel's weirder videos 

Message in a Bottle 

Berkshires UFO

Rock n Rollercoaster 

Nights in White Satin dark ride 

Time to Say Goodbye, Jay's podcast 

Jay on Twitter

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Episode 119

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