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Night Call

120: The Robopod With Meredith Whittaker


Emily returns with tales of a haunted hotel she stayed at in Mobile, Alabama. Then it's the #babywitches who hexed the moon, followed by a listener email about the queer Sapphic aesthetics of cottagecore. This of course leads into some discussion of Taylor Swift's new album Folklore, and how in a way it's always fall right now. We read a listener email about the struggles of international students right now, and another about working in a plastic surgery clinic during the pandemic. Then the girls are joined by Meredith Whittaker - Research Professor and Co-founder of the AI Now Institute at NYU. After working at Google for over thirteen years Meredith helped lead the Google Walkouts to end AI contracts with the Department Of Defense. We talk to Meredith about racism in tech, the biased badness of algorithms, and the human beings behind most "artificial intelligence." And, of course, Robocop. How can we organize to prevent tech companies from say, building war machines for the government? Plus one hot but easy tip for avoiding facial recognition software at protests. All this on the all new Night Call!


Haunted Malaga Inn 

Moon hex explained 

Marianne Williamson moon hex tweet

Why are people angry at witches on tik tok? 

Paper Mag on cottagecore

Correction: Sean Penn's COVID test is CORE, not Curative

Meredith and the Google walkout 

Facial recognition/surveillance in schools

Meredith testifying before Congress

The AI Now Institute 

Meredith Whittaker on Twitter 

Tech Workers Coalition 

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Episode 120

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