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Night Call

122: White Claw Nights


A night call from a data scientist offers more accurate information about how our phones are “listening” to us. Then we take a road trip of the mind to the haunted Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada and find out why the graveyard next door is doubly haunted for reasons not related to clowns (hint: plague).

Then a night email prompts a fun chat about the sentience of A.I. as Molly puts forth the theory that the A.I. revolution could be stopped by making the robots neurotic. Another email endorses delicious fresh milk. 

For the second half we get back into Italian Futurism and end up talking about the Bon Appetit debacle and the politics of food. After a serious discussion about food and fascism it’s cocktail time as Emily, Molly and Tess reveal our favorite non-milk beverages for the summer, both alcoholic and non. All this and Excited Pig, on an all new Night Call!


Privacy International on Bluetooth tracing 

More on Bluetooth beacons 

Clown Motel

Old Tonopah Cemetary 

1905 newspaper article on Tonopah plague 

Italian Futurism 

Bon Appetit exodus

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Episode 122

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