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Night Call

128: Altered States, Family Weddings, & Pandemic Speakeasies


Emily is on the road again, so it's just Tess and Molly this week taking calls calls calls, calls from the public! First we get a call from a listener debating whether or not to go to a family wedding. We talk about the no-win situation that is Coronavirus weddings - what to do when your family won't cancel, and why everyone should cancel big family events this fall and winter if possible even if they put money down. Then it's Spanky's, the secret Los Angeles afterhours speakeasy that went viral for sending out this email: “Somewhere in Los Angeles, we’ve curated a small intimate space where friends, lovers, bartenders and bootleggers, DJs, musicians, wanna-be celebrities, drug dealers and baristas, pimps, prostitutes and Johns can come together and reacquaint ourselves with the nightlife that we once loved and lost.” Would you go to a sketchy after hours listed at a location that turns up as a random houseless section of Mulholland Drive thrown by promoters who are known creeps? Then it's Altered States!!! Ken Russell's 1980 drug nightmare comes to life through our words. Now more than ever we need movies about sexy druggy academic types putting themselves in drug induced dream states to push it to the limit. Tess and Molly talk about whether we'd get in the isolation tank, with or without William Hurt, Bob Balaban, and Blair Brown, and why Total Recall raves and San Junipero type digital escapism are so appealing right now. Take some mushrooms in a cave and get in the tank with NIGHT CALL!
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