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Night Call

130: The Twelve Foot Tall Big Skeleton From Home Depot & Sad13


This week on Night Call we have Sadie Dupuis aka Sad13 as our guest! But first it's an update to Pyramid Pals with a call about a recently demolished but also fairly recently built glass walled pyramid for a pharmaceutical company. Why wouldn't Amazon want to operate out of this futuristic pyramid building out of a dystopian movie, too on the nose? Then we're joined by Sadie to discuss haunted portraits, haunted studios in Texas, and isolation tanks (probably also haunted).
Richardsonian Romanesque
Massachusetts pyramid pic 
MA pyramid demo video
Miles Klee on 12' skeletons
Ryan White
Stew Leonard's animatronics
Haunted Painting
Sadie's haunted painting inspo
Carradine doppelganger
No music for ICE campaign
Sonic Ranch
Tornillo hauntings
Sadie's website DOT HORSE
Sadie's twitter
Sadie's 'gram
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