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Night Call

131: The Vow & Mounds with Nikki Mayard


We’re joined by Lazor Wulf writer Nikki Mayard to wrap up The Vow with a nylon sash. Why did the editors save all the men’s rights stuff for the 8th episode? Did seeing Keith Raniere go full Frank TJ Mackey explain how people got so deep into this cult? Did he also maybe murder a bunch of women? Who is the best Vow character: Mark, Sarah, Catherine or Nippy? How privileged do you have to be to get into this kind of group? Will season 2 explain it all or just make everyone more frustrated? Then it’s another edition of Pyramid Pals with a great call and email about our fave buildings. What’s the deal with ancient mounds? What is the best corporate pyramid, and should we save corporate pyramids from the wrecking ball or let them be lost to time? All this and more on a new Night Call! Notes: Nikki Mayard's TwitterNikki's InstagramDid Keith Raniere poison his girlfriends?Lazor Wulf on HBOMaxCahokia Mounds CLUI pyramids listCenter of the World pyramid& moreSteelcase/Switch pyramid& walkthroughApex pyramid Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com



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