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Turn On Tune In Tenet


Tom Cruise’s crazy trip to the movies to see Tenet prompts Night Call’s finest thoughts on Christopher Nolan’s latest movie that none of us have seen. Then we investigate Halo, the Amazon device that says it can read emotions, and debunk its dubious, dangerous claims. Two listeners provide us with their very different experiences with Kratom, off last week’s discussion. Then we are joined by food writer Katherine Spiers of Smart Mouth podcast and newsletter to talk about community fridge projects in LA, the immorality of food waste, the Black Panthers’ breakfast program, and how to support small local restaurants when the government has failed everyone during a pandemic. On an all new Night Call!


Tom Cruise Tenet tweet 

Tenet review 

AV Club on going to theaters 

The Vow 

The Verge breaks down the Amazon Halo 

Fitbit and coronavirus 

Smart Mouth podcast

Smart Mouth newsletter 

Katherine Spiers on Twitter 

NYC community fridges 

LAist on community fridges

Food insecurity during COVID 

Los Angeles Community Fridges instagram 

The People's Bodega 

The People's Bodega NYC

Black Panthers free breakfast program

LA Taco 

We Like LA 


Ruen Pair 

Desano Pizza 

Zen Mei 

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Episode 126

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