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by Night Of The Horrorphile
Night Of The Horrorphile: A Horror Movie Podcast

Episode 120: Horrors From Japan Part II-Hold My Sake


Leigh takes us on a journey that pics up from where we last left off 1989 with Tetsuo the Iron Man. Join Leigh and Britt as they discuss technophobia, anime, manga, body horror, and the J-Horror boom!---------------Our theme Song BBQ MANIAC was written and performed by John Brennan, used with permission. You can listen and purchase all of Johns music at https://shopjb.bandcamp.com/

-----------------Additional music by: しゃみお - Shamisen player Shamiohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c22jQJ1BvU&list=RDMgN_xIHqLUA&index=20

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Episode 120

by Night Of The Horrorphile