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by Jordan Bonaparte / Curiouscast

What Was in the Sky Above Luskville, Quebec?


Unexpectedly, but not completely surprisingly, I received an email from a very excited lady from Quebec who claimed to have filmed some odd objects hovering in the sky near her home.

She didn’t believe they planes or helicopters… Belia was convinced she witnessed something very unique and she wanted my opinion on the footage she captured.

The video (which I’ve since enhanced and added to the Nighttime YouTube Channel) shows several bright, slow moving objects, travelling above the Ottawa river.

It stumped me right off the bat and that doesn’t usually happen. Perhaps that’s why I wanted to figure this one out and I’m gonna take you along for the journey.

We are going to start by meeting Belia, the very excited lady who filmed the objects behind her home and then we will take the video, and her eye witness account to Celebrated Canadian UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski for an expert analysis.

In this episode of nighttime, I’m going to be considering the Nov 20th UFO sighting above Luskville, Quebec


Watch Belia’s Video: https://youtu.be/0xf9z6XWGGg

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by Jordan Bonaparte / Curiouscast