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A Nihilist Family Summer Vacation Radio Drama


It's a Nihilist Family Summer Vacation special!

Floating in the endless void of blackness, there sits a tiny point of light. And in that warmth, the tiny little life on a tiny speck of sand flourishes. Vegetation opens its leaves, insects emerge from their dormancy, and the humans, in turn, also emerge from their own insulated cocoons.

During this annual emergence, some humans will embark on a trip away from their regular homes, to a different, temporary home in a new location. This respite from reality is often a time for both fun activities, and rest-and-relaxation.

And so we find our Nihilist family participating in that tradition. Join them as they head to their vacation spot at THE BEACH.

Discover the true meaning of summer vacation along with Martha and Jimothy Sr., and their children Reese, Jimmy Jr., and the baby -- not to mention Sallie the dog -- in this radio drama.

A Nihilist Family Summer Vacation is presented for your enjoyment by Cookie Pie Cakes.


Episode 12

by Nihilist Podcast Network