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by Martin G Moore
No Bullsh!t Leadership

From Kitchen Table To Global Icon: Samantha Wills Interview


Episode #157 // Samantha Wills is an Australian designer, entrepreneur, and author, who achieved global prominence with her eponymous jewelry range. From humble beginnings, Samantha’s designs took the fashion industry by storm, with a host of global celebrities being photographed wearing her distinctive pieces.

Her new book, Of Gold and Dust, chronicles Samantha’s journey with her jewelry business, and gives us a no-holds-barred account of both the business and personal challenges she faced over the years.

Samantha’s story is utterly fascinating, and has some salient lessons for us all, whether you’re an entrepreneur aspiring to the level of success that Samantha has achieved, or an old corporate dog like me.

To find out more about Samantha and get a copy of her brilliant book head to: https://samanthawills.com/


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Episode 152

by Martin G Moore