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by Martin G Moore
No Bullsh!t Leadership

Managing Your Ambition: Don’t win, only to lose


Episode #156 // I recently came across a new book called Return on Ambition: A Radical Approach to Your Achievement, Growth, and Well-Being. The book exposes a study on ambitious people, in which over half of those interviewed felt as though they’d sacrificed too much to get to where they were, and didn’t feel as though the rewards were commensurate with their effort and sacrifice.

This got me thinking about my own ambition, and how I felt about my career achievements and the energy it took to fulfill them.

Sure, nothing worthwhile comes without sacrifice, but how do you know in advance whether or not you’ll find those sacrifices were worth it when you look back in 10 or 20 years’ time?

Everyone is different when it comes to their personal drivers and goals, but in this episode I give four key insights that you might find useful in deciding where you truly want your ambition to take you!


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Episode 156

by Martin G Moore