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by Martin G Moore
No Bullsh!t Leadership

Return to Work Rules: Are vaccination mandates good?


Episode #154 // As we start to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic, and governments around the world loosen restrictions, business leaders are faced with the incredibly difficult task of working out how to get their businesses back to a relatively functional state.

The imposition of vaccination mandates has been big news in the US in the last few weeks, and major corporations are taking a variety of positions on this complex issue.

What are the right risk settings? What rules should be put in place for employees returning to work? And how should leaders strike a balance between their people’s individual freedoms and the collective good of customers, suppliers, and the business itself?

In this episode, I provide a 5-step decision making framework to help you work through the issues for your own unique circumstances, and have created a handy template for you to work through which you can download for free at https://www.yourceomentor.com/episode154


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Episode 154

by Martin G Moore