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by Sarah Knight and Cadence13
No F*cks Given Podcast

21. Relationship Tips: Fitting People Back Into Your F*ck Budget After the Pandemic


This week is an entire episode dedicated to relationships—be they with friends, family, or significant others. The pandemic has put a lot of strain on you and your loved ones, in some cases due to distance and in others, due to living on top of one another for over a year with little to no personal space. It’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to reconnect with some folks and get much-needed space from others. And all of it comes down to balancing your F*ck Budget! To help you do it, Sarah Knight presents a 3-tiered system for thinking about your relationships the same way you think about other important things in your life, assigning them value, and setting goals for them. She offers tips for maintaining, improving, or even dissolving them if need be. As always, listen to the end for the NFG tip of the week! Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Radio.com, or wherever you get your podcasts. New episode every Tuesday.
Today’s topics:

The toll the pandemic has taken on relationships

Too much distance? Or not nearly enough?!

3 ways to consider your relationships: maintain, improve, dissolve

Tips for maintaining, including “Hi maintenance is low maintenance”

Single-tasking show you care!

Falling out of touch and how to fix it – or deciding you don’t want to

Tips for improving, including the Relationship Relay

Using GYST Theory to iron out relationship kinks

Dissolving a relationship that no longer serves you

NFG Tip of the Week: “Mutual Veto Power”

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by Sarah Knight and Cadence13