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by Sarah Knight and Cadence13
No F*cks Given Podcast

22. How to Make Your F*ck Budget Work – AT Work!


Returning to the office post-pandemic? Still trying to make working from home work for you? Either way, you need to balance your F*ck Budget to get the most value out of your working life. Chances are, you take on a lot of extra duties for no extra pay, or spend too much time on non-work stuff (like coworker going-away parties and company picnics) that don’t help you get your actual job done. Sarah Knight will show you how to reassess your boundaries and give you easy ways to enforce them (that won’t get you fired). Enjoy, and as always, listen to the end for the NFG tip of the week! Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Radio.com, or wherever you get your podcasts. New episode every Tuesday.
Today’s topics:

Mental decluttering at work: a primer

Setting new expectations for post-pandemic work life

Things you HAVE to give a f*ck about vs. things you really, truly do not

How to think about consequences

Ways to trim the fat from your work F*ck Budget, featuring meetings, dress codes, conference calls, and more!

The Likability Vortex and how to escape it

NFG Tip of the Week: Say goodbye to useless paperwork

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by Sarah Knight and Cadence13