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No Wellness Wankery

No Wellness Wankery

No Wellness Wankery

About No Wellness Wankery

Struggling to lose the last few kilos? Sick of hating your body or trying diets that don’t work? Wondering how to stop thinking about food all the time? The wellness world is full of dodgy ‘health’ advice. 

Dietitian and nutritionist Lyndi Cohen (aka The Nude Nutritionist) helps you eliminate those pesky diet rules so you can be healthy, without the wellness wankery. In this podcast, Lyndi talks all things nutrition, shares actionable strategies for ditching your weight loss diet, and will inspire you to finally make peace with your body. 

From intuitive eating principles, self-care strategies, and doing our part in changing our society's definition of health, to what to do when you're constantly worried about gaining weight - we cover it all. 

Come join us and thousands of others on their journey to food freedom, be healthy and feel amazing! Have a question or topic you’d like us to cover? Email hello@lyndicohen.com.


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