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Season 4 Ep. 5 Closing Nutrient Cycles with Noah Kellerman


In this episode I sit down with former NOFA board member and present farmer at Alprilla Farm in Essex, MA Noah Kellerman. We discuss the ever elusive & somewhat mythical accomplishment of Closing Nutrient Cycles. Our conversation ranges from soil testing and analysis to the complications of sourcing off-farm inputs, as Noah shares his approach on managing nutrients at Alprilla.

Noah Kellerman and his partner Sophie run Alprilla Farm in Essex MA. They rotate four acres of storage vegetable crop for their winter CSA with two acres of grains for human consumption. The farm is run using a system of rotational tillage using a mix of tractor, ox and human power to care for the soil and grow the best crops they can. Noah is a tinkerer, striving to tighten nutrient cycling on his farm at every level from small scale no till equipment design to crop, tillage and cover crop sequences.

For more information on Noah or Alprilla Farm: http://alprillafarm.com/

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