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Seeing the Other Side

Spiritual Truth, Survivor Guides, Entities and Compassion

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Dear Friends,

Sometimes the world stage puts Spiritual Truths and issues front and center. Today is one such moment.

The term Brainwashing is much better understood than Gaslighting. But being Brainwashed implies that there is some weakness or infirmity that allows someone to become a victim. Hence, I and others have been using the less well-known term Gaslighting. At this point in time I feel that using the more obscure term of Gaslighting has kept many people from quickly grasping what is happening. People are being Brainwashed through the tools associated with Gaslighting.

Therefore, I believe that Brainwashing is a good popular term to utilize when talking about Trump's followers. They have been gaslighted to the point where their reality is the reality that he is projecting to them and there is no other way for them to perceive reality. Energetic cords from their low bodies hook into low-level entities residing with Trump. When the cords are activated the follower's bodies have a deep fear response. It is as if their lives are at stake.

Controlling this fear response are the psychic energy pictures that we all 'see' when listening to someone talk. These pictures are often accompanied by body sensations. In normal life these psychic energy pictures let us 'see' and 'feel' what someone is describing; a lively dance party or quiet sunset, or the emotional pain of loss.

The speaker can also use false images, conveying to listeners Bright Shiny psychic pictures of being skinny or rich. (TV ads and politicians are great examples).

Trump and the entities are experts at sending people pictures that they not only WANT to believe but (due to the low body energy cords being pulled) MUST believe. It is not fantasy. It is survival.

His entities pull the body cords and the only option they believe they have to save themselves is to do what Trump tells them to do.

Their Third eye is full of psychic pictures sent by Trump and the entities. They cannot see the outer world.

Is there a Spiritual Solution?

These entities cannot tolerate being seen. They are not in tune with his Soul. They are not in tune with his body. They are not in tune with the Souls and bodies of his followers.

If you can, during meditation, come to a place of stillness. Maintain that stillness while turning your Spiritual gaze towards his followers. Let their rageful fear be a curiosity to your spiritual and psychic vision. Try asking:

- Are these emotional outbursts really arising from their Soul's expression through their body?
- How do the Souls involved want to connect to their own bodies now?

We need not fix the entities or Trump or those responding to it. Know that the entities are themselves in profound fear. They have been caught up in Earth's timeline for several generations. Here is the scenario my guides shared with me:

Entering into the Drumpf family in Europe, a group of guides helped a young, quiet scared man find his voice and the emotional strength to survive. As a result, these Survivor Guides kept him alive and he eventually had children who in turn had children and those children had Donald Trump. What are now entities of destruction began as strength providing Survivor Guides.

With this awareness, we can thank them for keeping the vibration of the original Drumpf family present here on Earth. This vibration was deemed essential for the Earth's spiritual evolution. That is why they came to help the original ancestor, named Drumpf. This DNA lineage has not only survived, but flourished. From a state of neutrality and compassion, we ask the entities to 'feel' that linear time has now moved far beyond their entrance point. And we acknowledge that they have done what they came to do. They have succeeded in completing their task. Many generations of healthy Drumpf family members are vibrating within the Earth. So their task is complete. It is time to go. The Survivor Guides can go home.

Gratitude releases all Beings, including Survivor Guides that are so old they have become out-of-tune entities. My sense is to offer thanks for their saving the scared young man named Drumpf centuries ago in Europe. This lets anyone currently alive that they are inhabiting release the entities gently and easily when their own Soul and body deem the time is right.

This is not a forced healing. This is an offering for Survivor Guides, long lost, to return home.

Many people have old Survivor Guides that have jumped from one generation to the next. The farther away from their original linear time they get, the less Survivor Guides understand the current situation. Survivor Guides that helped parents save and be thrifty during the Depression now magnify hoarding tendencies and the fear of releasing (things, emotions, beliefs) as well as promoting difficulty in deeply relaxing and sleeping in their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Spiritual Truth and Survivor Guides

Ideally, Survivor Guides are acknowledged and released as soon as danger has passed. Making a religious trip or committing to some service in Faith are good examples of how people released them in the past. During this time the person consciously acknowledges and thanks those Spiritual Beings who supported them, and this naturally lets the Survivor Guides know their work is complete, and that they can leave. This can also happen in a ceremony towards the end of someone's life.

If that doesn't happen, the Survivor Guides jump out of people as they are dying and into another (usually) DNA related family member. They tend to choose someone with a similar gender and emotional/mental makeup. For this reason I often see old Survivor Guides magnifying chronic habits in those living now. Now, we can't blame Survivor Guides from our grandparents for our behavior or chosen experiences, but they don't' help us make better choices either. And as long as they are connected to living people here in current time, they are unable to return to the Spiritual dimension where they can update themselves. Yes, even Survivor Guides learn and grow!

The Drumpf family, now known as Trump, is doing a Spiritual service to let us all see so many things that American society needs to address. Just as I offer the idea of entities being previously supportive Survivor Guides, I hope that we can each see the healing aspect of the various issues now before us.

May we lean our attention towards those guides and angels in human and energetic forms who bring us into deeper states of compassion and understanding.

-Norma, with a little help from Archangel Michael
January 7, 2021

PS - the audio recording of the New Year Meditation, RENEWAL will be available in the next day. Watch for it in another newsletter. My album of healing music, Songs of Spirit, is also a good option to help Survivor Guides release.

Here are a few songs from the audio mediation "Calming Chaos", available as a free podcast here.

HINT: if you want to hear all the notes, LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES / EARBUDS)

(voice / piano)
The Challenge:Growing Beyond Who We Were

Who we are now and how we each express ourselves into the world is changing. The obstacles to doing things as we did them in the past can be guideposts for developing new talents and freeing our Soul to express itself in previously unimaginable ways. Let yourself wander through the notes of this song, and see how you feel when you emerge on the other side.

(voice / piano)
New Wonder: Beholding Opportunities

Where are these opportunities for change? When we see only mountainous obstacles engulfing us, it is impossible to imagine each as opportunities. Letting ourselves come first into a place of feeling vulnerable towards what we feel is overwhelming, allows us to recognize the possibility for change that already exists within the obstacles themselves. This change exists only when we ourselves are ready to step into a transformative stance. Here is a song to help you access your inner transformational ability. You can see the world anew.

(voice / singing bowls)
All is Sacred
Created by Humans and God, All is Sacred

Stillness is Sacred. Changing directions, whether it is while driving a car or in living our lives, is easy to do after coming to a full and complete stop. When life seems to come to a stop moment, it is not the end, it is a sharp turn. Where you have been and where you are going are part of the same path. You could not have gotten here unless you traveled the path you did up until this very moment. Judging the past, present or potential future as being 'wrong' is a very human way of measuring life by a yardstick built by western society. Who you are is always Sacred, Who you are now is Sacred. How you choose to move forward on your path is your Soul's Sacred Choice.

(solo piano)

A moment of Reflection to clear the palate

A tiny bio for those who do not yet know me:

I have always seen auras. As a psychic I 'see' how people connect to their guides, angels, and other people. My healings assist in clearing accumulated cobwebs and awakening the innate creativity and healing potential within each person. I use my intuition, insights from your guides and angels, healing energies and music in this process. I believe that our world is healed as each person heals themselves.

Private Healing Sessions
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Sessions include both information from your guides and angels, as well as healing energies to facilitate changes your Soul desires in your body and your life. This multi-faceted approach is notably deep and most people find that one or two sessions provides them with substantial, lasting and profound change. The kind of change that is so complete that there is little or no going back to the other ways of being.

In these healing sessions the spiritual foundation of who you are (the portion of your soul incarnating right now) engages with your body in a new way. This allows what does not reflect your Soul and body to be revealed, understood, and released. Simply put, the real world version of you catches up with the spiritual foundation of who you truly are. After the healing session your Soul, body and life will reflect each other more accurately.

How Your Healing is Supported
I do not intend or focus healing so that your body looks perfect, or that your aura looks like it does in a book. My guides consult and follow your guides, asking at each organ, each chakra, each issue in your life; what is it that your body and Soul choose? What is your next step? And in this process, allowing whatever no longer serves your Soul's journey to be released.

A recording is made of the session. When you listen to the recording your guides and the healing angels will return to continue to help your personal inner understanding and release continue. Sessions are $215 and last about an hour. Please be in touch with me to secure an appointment time. office@healingchants.com or 734-330-3997. Read more about private healing sessions here

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Tender Strength
a song and insight to empower the Sacred Masculine within each of us
(from a previous December Solstice Concert)

Empowering our Expression of the Sacred Masculine

Much has been spoken in the last few decades about the rising of the Divine Feminine, and now it is time for the Sacred Masculine to be afoot. It is available to each of us through the choices we express in daily life and living. Here we honor the empowerment within that allows us to be present as a tender expression of the Sacred Masculine.

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Meditation #61 from January 10, 2020

Is it an Obstacle or a
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Healing the Lower body helps us Find Our New Direction in Life.

While both an Obstacle and a Spiritual Redirection can feel restrictive and be constricting to our lives, we can better feel the difference between them when our lower body is freed from the energies of others.

As I psychic, I am aware that the low chakras of our bodies are just as sensitive and empathic as our head and heart chakras. But very often we don't recognize when information is coming into our bodies through these low chakras. (Especially our Navel Chakra and First Chakra)

Because of this, we end up trying to process energies that we pick up from others as if they were our own.

Here is an audio meditation to clear energies, especially from your low body and lower chakras, that you have taken on. As they leave, the issues that are truly yours to address and heal will be revealed.

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