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3 Kids, An Actor And A Rugby Player Get Stuck During Lockdown


The wonderful Amy Huberman joins the show today to tell us all about her interesting decision to have a baby during lockdown in Ireland. Plus, what happens when you meet the person you wanted as your hall pass? ... Hint; it doesn't end well. And ever wondered what it's like to interview the Backstreet Boys? You're about to find out! Email us at thebabysitter@novapodcasts.com.au CREDITS Hosts: Cathrine Mahoney & Sarah McGilvray Guest: Amy Huberman Managing Producer: Elle Beattie Lead Producer: Rachael Hart LINKS Sarah's Instagram @sarahmcgilvray Cath's Instagram @cathrinemahoney Amy's Instagram @amy_huberman Nova Podcast's Instagram @novapodcastsofficial Find more great podcasts like this at novapodcasts.com.au See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Episode 7

Season 1

by Nova Podcasts