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Wait... You Wax Your Mum's What?!


It's time to chat about Mum anxiety... And maybe admit that you've dropped your child once or twice, right Sar? Plus the wonderful Leila McKinnon joins the show to share some brilliant advice, the time her whole family went for a skinny dip and the rumour her husband started which lead to them dating!? Email us at thebabysitter@novapodcasts.com.au CREDITS Hosts: Cathrine Mahoney & Sarah McGilvray Guest: Leila McKinnon Managing Producer: Elle Beattie Lead Producer: Rachael Hart LINKS Sarah's Instagram @sarahmcgilvray Cath's Instagram @cathrinemahoney Leila's Instagram @leilamckinnon Nova Podcast's Instagram @novapodcastsofficial Find more great podcasts like this at novapodcasts.com.au See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


Episode 4

Season 1

by Nova Podcasts