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by Jeremy Redman
Not Boring Business

Ep. 43: Noel Lorenz talks about Bubble as one of the biggest tools for no-code community


TLDR;Some Good Quotes

  • I discovered Bubble. I sat down and I like more or less finished a whole platform in two weeks. And this, after these two weeks after we launched them, like a bit later, But that was just at the point for me, where I saw the potential of no-code or these no-code tools. And, it marked a starting point of my journey into this area.

  • I think the revenue is gonna increase [for a no-code agency], to an extent where there is no difference to a, let's say normal agency. And I mean, normal agencies can get quite a nice revenue. So, I think there isn't quite a big difference.

  • To be honest, we haven't really reached any limits with Bubble. We had some performance issues sometimes and a few things that I wouldn't build a game or something and Bubble, but otherwise it's almost the possibilities are almost endless. So for me, complexity is good because it gives me the freedom to go into any direction I want.

  • Our clients don't want to have like the craziest machine learning application, something like really complex. I mean, the thing is, and that's why no code is so amazing, people always want something really similar.

  • We have a nice community and, just want to empower more people to build without codes, and join our community, join No Code HQ hopefully learn and start your own business.

  • Becoming a billion-dollar company is hard either way if you're doing with code or without code. I mean, that's of course quite challenging. and I think we're on the right track. I mean, we have to continue to, tell more people about no-code we have to work together and not against each other.


NoCode is the future. The NoCode movement allows everyone to get on the same level without having a degree in computer science or know every coding language. It gives the opportunity for people who are passionate about their work to get it up online and to create a viable platform for their business. NoCode does not mean easy though. You will fail and you will need to spend hours learning about these building platforms, and that is where your pure passion, drive, and desire to succeed comes in.

Noel Lorenz, founder of NoCodeHQ, meets with Jeremy to talk about the broad opportunities and tools he has found to create using Bubble and how the no-code projects are gaining popularity with clients due to its user-friendliness development and low cost.


Episode 43

by Jeremy Redman