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by Jeremy Redman
Not Boring Business

Ep. 47: Ryan Myher from No Code No Problem talks about his entrepreneurial path to no-code


TLDR;Some Good Quotes

  • So Ben [Tossell from Makerpad], I was following, both of them and I was like looking: I was sitting there one night and I looked up no-code in Apple Podcasts and Spotify. I couldn't find anything. So I messaged Joe on Twitter and I was like, “Hey, I have this idea. I want to start the no-code podcast, and I'm going to call no problem, and I'm gonna do it.” And he's like, yeah, do it. And then like I recorded that night and the next morning I published it and here we are today.

  • The only reason that I knew about Glide Apps in the first place was I saw an ad somewhere and I bookmarked it and was like, I may need this later on. Like, I'll check it out later. And then whenever I got that text [about parties for the weekend], it was like that moment. It was like, in my head, I was like, Oh, this is definitely like, I can build this [app, fucked up] on glide apps. So I went on and I built it like extremely fast within an hour. And I started putting it on like my Snapchat and stuff.

  • I was marketing this book [Podcast Growth Hacking: 0 Plays to $5k in 5 Months] out to like podcast hosts and there are these Facebook groups on obviously Facebook that have like 30 K plus people in it. And I didn't realize how untechnical the majority of podcast hosts are like; compared to them, we are like really technical people. But then compared to people like Emmanuel and Jeremy and all these people from like Dollo and all these companies, like, we're obviously not technical. It's just funny to see the playing field in which what we consider technical and not technical.

  • I would be interested to see how many active users are there a day that actually builds a Bubble. I think that would be more interesting… People were spending like 30 minutes to an hour, a day on Bubble or more like, I feel like that would be way more interesting and give you a lot more insight in the kind of like who you're trying to attract than it would be.


Ryan Myher, founder and host from No Code No Problem, joins Jeremy in a maybe off the record conversation about podcasts, top no-code tools, the struggle to freemiums, and thin lines in the field.


Episode 47

by Jeremy Redman