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by Rob Tilson
Not So Fantasy Football: A losers guide to FPL

NSFF S2E5: The end is Nigh, Captains, Fixtures, Watchlist Q&A and Team reveal.


The end of preseason is indeed Nigh and we have a bumper podcast for you.

We Jam in our first 7 weeks captaincy choices, our Fixture notes, an entire Watchlist alongside our provisional team reveal (see twitter to see if we hold onto our metal) aaand... A Q&A with all new members of our community. Enjoy this last one before the season begins and we wish you lots of green arrows from here on in!

Thanks for your continued support if any of the issues discussed in the podcast have upset or annoyed you, feel free to get in contact.

Stay safe, stay tuned and have fun!

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Episode 5

by Rob Tilson