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by Nothing Rhymes With Murder
Nothing Rhymes With Murder

Ep. 64 - England: The Murder of Naomi Hersi and The Death of Shukri Abdi


Hello and welcome back our Brackies! We've missed you.

We're staying in ENGLAND this week while we take a breath, gather ourselves and reset the pod in these apocalyptic times.

Kate is first up this week with the devastating murder of Naomi Hersi; a beloved trans woman whose death reignited outrage at problematic reporting of trans women in the media, especially trans women of colour.

George then takes us through the recent incredibly upsetting death of twelve year old Shukri Abdi; the suspicious circumstances surrounding her final moments and the total lack of care and consideration shown to her family throughout.

This week we begin including charities/funds connected to our cases that we will be donating to. The links are highlighted just below if you would like to and are in a position to donate too.

Thank you Paturders!



by Nothing Rhymes With Murder