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by Michelle Tagge
Nourished and Nurturing: Postpartum Moms and Feeding Babies

55. What is an endocrine disruptor and how can I avoid them? with Victoria Richards, FNTP


Michelle talks to Victoria Richards about the endocrine system - which includes all of our female hormones. We talk about xenoestrogens, substances that imatate estrogen in the body, and how they can disrupt normal hormone balance in the body. We also go through how they can effect your cycle and your fertility. Then we talk about where you can find them in your foods, personal care products and in your home - then swaps you can make to reduce your exposure to endocrine disruptors. We also talk about how these harmful substances are not regulated by the FDA and are hard to identify on product packaging. Viki gives us actionable steps to make small changes, and tips on detoxifying from the substances we already have in our bodies.

Where to find Victoria:

Restoring Roots Wellness Website


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Email: nourishedandnurturing@gmail.com


Episode 55

by Michelle Tagge