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by Michelle Tagge
Nourished and Nurturing: Postpartum Moms and Feeding Babies

56. How can I get my toddler past picky eating? - with Alyssa Miller, RD


Michelle talks to Alyssa Miller of Mama and Me RD about establishing healthy eating habits for toddlers. She goes through a method where parents make the decision about what to serve and when, but give the kids the autonomy to decide which foods to eat and how much of them. She talks about when picky eating generally starts and what we can do. We go into so many details around what to do if your toddler is getting up from the table frequently or is sneaking foods. We also talk a bit about how to start with feeding babies to avoid picky eating, and how to include "safe foods" on your kids plates. Then we talk through how the parent's diet and their relationship with food impacts how our kids eat.

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Episode 56

by Michelle Tagge