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by Michelle Tagge
Nourished and Nurturing: Postpartum Moms and Feeding Babies

57. How can I reestablish core strength and movement after labor and delivery? with Lindsay Mumma, DC


This week Michelle talks to Lindsay Mumma, Chiropractor and prenatal and postpartum fitness educator. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge on recovery after having a baby and how rest and slow rehabilitation set you up for a better recovery. We talk about what the early days postpartum should look like - what does the 2 weeks in bed and 2 weeks near the bed rule really mean. And we talk about what to look for when you are ready to start moving, what movements work the best and how you can use this time of healing in a profound way to really connect with what your body needs. We also talk about swimming during pregnancy and the benefits of chiropractic care during the pregnancy and postpartum periods.

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Episode 57

by Michelle Tagge