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by Michelle Tagge
Nourished and Nurturing: Postpartum Moms and Feeding Babies

59. Should I be losing weight postpartum? Discussing changes in body size with Kim Perez, FNTP


Michelle talks to Kim Perez about weight loss in the postpartum. We talk about both losing too much weight and having trouble losing weight after having a baby. Kim goes deep into what is happen hormonally immediately after having a baby as well as some of the changes that happen around the time baby starts solids if mom is breastfeeding. She talks about what is considered normal and what you can expect, and also when you might have something off in your hormone health. Part of what we want to communicate in this episode is that it can be totally healthy for your body to hold on to weight during breastfeeding and postpartum healing.

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Episode 59

by Michelle Tagge