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by NSWDoE Literacy & Numeracy
NSWDoE Literacy & Numeracy

Let's chat about the assessment of reading


This podcast discusses assessment of student reading. For our NSW DoE teachers, we chat about what is available and how these assessments support us in identifying the reading behaviours and strategies of our students. We can use that information to make decisions about the next focus areas to target our teaching to meet student need. For more information on these assessments and how to access them you can visit the assessment section on the Literacy and Numeracy website: https://education.nsw.gov.au/teaching-and-learning/curriculum/literacy-and-numeracy/assessment-resources or the Learning Resource Hub: https://resources.education.nsw.gov.au/?source=readingandnumeracy&sort=relevance For further support please email literacy.numeracy@det.nsw.edu.au



by NSWDoE Literacy & Numeracy