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by Oblivity

Season two update: You did it!


Oblivity will return for a second season in 2020, thanks to all our incredible backers!

We also reached our stretch target, which means that there will be a backers-only festive episode this year. As of the release of this message, there’s still just over 24 hours to get involved and make sure you get that festive episode too, by finding Oblivity on Kickstarter, and pledging any amount – but be sure to do before the end of Thursday 17 October, that’s midnight, British Summer Time.

For now, once again, a huge thanks to everyone who’s helped make a second season possible. We’re incredibly excited to get started on the rewards for our backers as soon as we can, and for everyone else, please do stay subscribed for when Oblivity returns in 2020.

You can also keep in touch with us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and tumblr, or sign up to our newsletter at oblivitypodcast.com

Thank you!


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