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by Oddrop
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This episode will start anyone’s morning off right – coffee. This delightfully addictive beverage rules over our mornings and is part of many people’s daily routine, yet we don’t always take the time to appreciate the hard work that goes into each and every cup. There's much more to a cup of coffee than a simple caffeine boost!

We learn from Laura Bratti, Head of Training at the Artisan Coffee School, all about the beans themselves, optimum brewing methods, the best kit for brewing the perfect cup at home, and how to conduct a professional coffee ‘cupping’!

To learn more about coffee, visit www.artisancoffeeschool.co.uk

The two roasteries we tried coffee from in this episode were:

The Barn Roastery, Berlin - https://thebarn.de/Gardelli Roastery, Italy https://shop.gardellicoffee.com/


Episode 9

by Oddrop